Werner Herzog to Joaquin Phoenix: Don’t Smoke that Cigarette!

In this animated short from the creator of “When Lynch Met Lucas,” famed film director Werner Herzog recounts the time he rescued Joaquin Phoenix from lighting a deadly cigarette. (Source: CultureDrop.com)


Who is Nico? It’s a complicated, dark and mysterious story: Modeling, singing lessons, Andy Warhol, and later heroin. Her mother cries as she listens to Nico’s (not her given name) music. Bob Dylan tells Warhol to put Nico into movies.…

Sunday Profile: John Mellencamp

Jane Pauley profiles the rocker and fellow Hoosier who has just released his 23rd studio album, “Sad Clowns & Hillbillies.” John Mellencamp explains why he is driven to make music, and talks about his other passion: painting. (Source: CBS Sunday…

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