CBGML: Find out about the $800 Million Food Court Fools!

The boys go back in time to 1985!! Chris was 16, and drove a 1973 Plymouth Duster to school. In related news, some guy whose dad owned a car dealership runs Tennessee. An epic “Can Do Cold Brew” commercial. ALSO:…

CBGML Episode 80: John Denver’s Amaretto Sour

Chris and Greg remember defunct Nashville hot spot Smeraldo’s! Chris has a bloodhound named Cold Brew that hunts celebrity memorabilia. ALSO: Regional sex positions! Our new sponsor “Can Do Cold Brew” takes effect! PLUS: John Denver drank amaretto, and 2…

Cold Brew Got Me Like Ep. 3

Chris Crofton & Friends Caffeinate Your Feed Every Tuesday @ 830 CST – Testing EVP Ghost Dating Apps in the Field.

Chris Crofton Comedy at The East Room: Part 2

Crofton says smoking pot and eating pizza leads to nothing, and that millennials are better suited for alien spacecrafts than him. Chris lives in Los Angeles but returns often to Nashville to entertain with his comedy, emceeing, acting, hosting The…

Chris Crofton Comedy Live at the East Room

Chris Crofton performs at Nashville’s East Room. He talks about the downside of getting gooned up on weed, and how ISIS likes to ruin the life “chapters” of white people.

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