Tangled Up with Dylan: The Ballad of AJ Weberman

In 2006, A.J. Weberman, along with some of his former students, appeared in a documentary film about his exploits as a Dylanologist. The film includes a performance by Peel and Weberman of “The Ballad of A. J. Weberman,” a tribute…

Bob Dylan and Santana Talk to Annoying Interviewer

Bob Dylan likes Manic Street Preachers and Santana likes African music from France. Dylan says The Wallflowers’ music “sounds good” to him and that “everybody’s got to be the first somebody.”


Who is Nico? It’s a complicated, dark and mysterious story: Modeling, singing lessons, Andy Warhol, and later heroin. Her mother cries as she listens to Nico’s (not her given name) music. Bob Dylan tells Warhol to put Nico into movies.…

Photo Session: Bob Dylan and Wrestler Grizzly Smith

Bob Dylan does a rare meet-and-greet with fans on the set of “Hearts of Fire” in 1986. Wrestler Grizzly Smith was there, and he’s apparently a big fan of the singer.

Martin Scorsese Assembled the Work of Greats to Make ‘No Direction Home’

By Gregory Crofton Jeff Rosen doesn’t like attention, at least that’s how it seems if you search for him on the Internet. But he’s Bob Dylan’s manager and his archivist, the one who sorts, categorizes and protects the piles of…

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