I Am Sorry from Christopher Durai on Vimeo. Ex-Davidson County Sheriff’s Deputy Frank Sykes speaks out through spoken word poetry about a system that has resulted in the deaths of so many black men, women and children.

Drowning by Sunrise

On March 8, Damain Martin drowned in a canal near Sunrise, Florida. Martin, who was 16 years old, was trying to escape the police officers who had spotted him and a group of friends in a car that was reported…

Serena Williams: Sports Illustrated’s Sportsperson of 2015

Indeed, in 2015 Williams hit this rare sweet spot, a pinch-me patch where the exotic became the norm. She danced with Donald Trump on New Year’s Eve. She spent a night telling bedtime stories to the children of Facebook COO…

When Loud Music Turned Deadly

Short documentary from The New York Times’ Op-Doc series tells the story of a black teenager in Florida killed by a white man after an argument over loud music played in a gas station parking lot. The slain youth’s father…

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