Genius Fashion Designer Documentary ‘McQUEEN’ is a Stylish, Progressive Must See Film

By Gregory Crofton Days of screenings at Nashville Film Festival 2018 were varied and wonderful. In its 49th year the festival seemed settled in at Regal Hollywood 27, just south of downtown, a venue it relocated to from Green Hills…

The Life of Artist Georgia O’ Keeffe

On the brink of the Depression in 1929, Georgia O’Keeffe – Americas first great modernist painter – headed west. In the bright light of the New Mexico desert, she forged an independent life and found the solitude she needed for…

‘GEORGE MICHAEL: FREEDOM’ Examines His Battle with Sony and Loss of Boyfriend to HIV

By Gregory Crofton Of course George Michael was different than the rest of us. He had an incredible voice and could dance better than Madonna — but I bet you didn’t know he wrote and recorded his own music. Michael…

Last Days of George Michael

Find out the circumstances of George Michael’s death, and how his music affected people’s lives. Michael wrote, produced and performed all of his songs.


A PBS special filmed in early 1971 during a date in South Carolina. Goes backstage, shows rehearsals, and has in depth interviews with all of the group. Some of this was reused in “Kenny Rogers: The Journey.”
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