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Salty Dogs: A Day in the Life of Lobster Fishermen

Salty Dogs (2011) from 18% Productions on Vimeo. From morning till night Some weathered salty sea men Fish to classic rock A Narrative Documentary Cinematography by Zack McGeehan Sound / Post Production by Dimitri Kouri 1st Place – 2011 Redstone…

Pirate Treasure Found in Wreck Off the Coast of Massachusetts

After years of searching, underwater explorer Barry Clifford made world headlines in 1985 with his discovery of the first fully verified pirate shipwreck: the Whydah, which sank near Cape Cod, Massachusetts, in April 1717. (Source: NatGeo)

The Legacy of the Tailhook Navy Sex Scandal

Military sexual assault is not a new phenomenon. A second look at the Tailhook scandal in 1991 reveals what happened then. And what it all means now. Read the story here.

Biosphere 2: An American Space Odyssey

With dreams of colonizing space, eight people sealed themselves in a glass biosphere in 1991. But they eventually “suffocated, starved and went mad.” (Source: The New York Times)

‘STORIES WE TELL’: Disappointing, Blame the Heralding Critics

By Gregory Crofton I don’t blame the director Sarah Polley. She surely worked hard to make “STORIES WE TELL,” an innovative documentary, in order to honor and get to know her mother, a woman who died from cancer when Sarah…
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