Documentary Interview

Sly Stone Talks to Annoying Paparazzi Guy (9 minutes, 2015)

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Sly Stone talks to an annoying paparazzi interviewer about hanging out with George Clinton and anticipating a legal settlement related to his music royalties. (Source: Polite Paparazzi)

Christopher Hitchens : In Confidence (47 minutes, 2011)

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Laurie Taylor interviews writer and broadcaster Christopher Hitchens, who discusses how his political beliefs changed over the years, revealing why Ayatollah Khomeini’s 1989 fatwa on author Salman Rushdie represented a turning point in his life. He also talks about his atheist beliefs, his support for the war in Iraq and his rivalry with his brother Peter, as well as sharing his thoughts on being diagnosed with terminal cancer. (Source: VHSfx)

Legendary Drummer Ginger Baker Interviewed by BBC (3 minutes, 2013)

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Legendary drummer Ginger Baker walked through a glass door one day after breaking it with his foot. Watch this short interview he did with the BBC.