‘PEACE OFFICER’ Exposes the Dangerous Rise of ‘No-Knock’ SWAT Raids

By Gregory Crofton The U.S. Drug War took a hard, nasty turn when President Richard Nixon approved “No-Knock” warrants that allow unannounced police raids on private homes. “PEACE OFFICER” shows how the use of this type of raid has dramatically…

Heroin and the War on Drugs

In the 1970s, frustration over heroin related, urban crime led to the War on Drugs. Today, heroin is back. But the users, and the response, are very different. (Source: The New York Times Retro Report)

“THE HOUSE I LIVE IN”: An Over-Long, Musing Episode of Frontline

By Gregory Crofton Eugene Jarecki’s “THE HOUSE I LIVE IN” has a similar feel to his brilliant “WHY WE FIGHT,” a 2005 documentary about the rise of America’s military industrial complex. But that feeling doesn’t arrive until you’re about three-quarters…

‘How to Make Money Selling Drugs’ Has Tabloid Feel But It Delivers

By Gregory Crofton Not having seen Eugene Jareki’s “The House I Live In,” the other anti-drug war doc released in 2012, I can only say that it’s got a high bar if it aims to better “How to Make Money…

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