Evel Knievel’s Australian Angels

World renowned stuntman Evel Knievel helped train some Australian angels in the ways of motorcycle jumping. One woman crashes, another runs into the TV camera.

Interview with ‘The Human Fly,’ a Daredevil Named Rick Rojatt

“He started daredevilism, but I’m finishing it,” says The Human Fly. In this clip from 1976, Canadian daredevil Rick Rojatt talks about being The Human Fly, which became the inspiration for a Marvel Comics character. He also talks about his…

GoPro Drop Jump from a Roof to a Lower Roof

GoPro cameras record stuntman Ethan Swanson’s death-defying jump off a neighborhood roof in Chicago. To stop his momentum, he slides down a slanted roof, shredding his pants, and finally tangles himself in the railing of a stairwell.

Flaming Wall Crash Leads to Disastrous Burns

Footage of “Crazy” Dave Davis practicing for his Flaming Steel Wall crash (for the 13th time) at Santa Fe Speedway in 1983. The ABC 7 Chicago News was there for the test run when something went wrong. Davis (known also…

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