THERANOS, Elizabeth Holmes and the Cult of Silicon Valley

Elizabeth Holmes became a Silicon Valley celebrity after she dropped out of Stanford at 19 to start a company called Theranos. We sat down with John Carreyrou, the Wall Street Journal reporter who unmasked Holmes. (Source: ReasonTV)

The Brothel King: Dennis Hof on His Friend Andy Kaufman and the Beginnings of Moonlight BunnyRanch

“Nevada’s the last of the live and let live states,” says Dennis Hof, the self-described “Brothel King” and owner and proprieter of Nevada’s Moonlite Bunny Ranch, made famous as the setting for the HBO documentary series, Cathouse (2005-2008). “I don’t…

The Secret Cyberwar is Here: Director Alex Gibney on ‘ZERO DAYS’ Documentary

“The potential for enormous destruction and loss of life is palpable when it comes to cyberweapons,” says Alex Gibney, director of the new film Zero Days, which delves into the creation, deployment, and implications of the Stuxnet virus. Stuxnet, a…
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