Project X

A top-secret handbook takes viewers on an undercover journey to Titanpointe, the site of a hidden partnership. Narrated by Rami Malek and Michelle Williams, and based on classified NSA documents, Project X reveals the inner workings of a windowless skyscraper…

‘THE OATH’: Why is Bin Laden’s Bodyguard a Cab Driver in Yemen?

Laura Poitras’ THE OATH tells a story, from Yemen and Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, of a cab driver and his brother-in-law, both of whom worked for Osama bin Laden. The cab driver, known as Abu Jandal, served as director of hospitality…

Laura Poitras: Surveillance Teach-In

In this Surveillance Teach-In, award-winning filmmaker Laura Poitras is joined by computer security expert and privacy advocate Jacob Appelbaum and National Security Agency whistleblower Bill Binney to present an artistic and practical commentary on living in the contemporary Panopticon.
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