“32 PILLS” is a Disturbing But Valuable Look at the Impact of Suicide, Mental Illness and Alcoholism

By Gregory Crofton In 2008, after years of enduring the darkest miseries of mental illness, a photographer and artist committed suicide in her Manhattan loft. She left behind 15 notes to various loved ones, and plenty of food for her…

‘MAPPLETHORPE: LOOK AT THE PICTURES’ ~ Controversial Sex Photographer Gets Intimate Documentary Treament

By Gregory Crofton Robert Mapplethorpe was determined to become a famous artist. He wanted fame as badly as Andy Warhol did. Both men achieved their goal, but while Warhol has reputation that seems to grow in stature ever year, Mapplethorpe…

Black Tar Heroin: The Dark End of the Street

Filmmakers followed the lives of five people over a period of three years to document their heroin addiction, health problems and sex lives.

‘GASLAND PART II’: Repetitive and Over Long But Accomplished

By Gregory Crofton Josh Fox is smart. At least as smart if not smarter than the Oil & Gas ogres that want him to step on his head and make him go away. But he’s not going away, and he’s…

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