Larry Clark: ‘I wanted to be a writer but I had a camera in my hand’

Larry Clark is a photographer and filmmaker. He directed “Kids” (1995) and “Bully,” (2001) among other films.

The Dick Cavett Show: De Palma and Scorsese on Hitchcock

Brian De Palma and Martin Scorsese, two of the all-time greats, discuss technical aspects of filmmaking. (Source: The Dick Cavett Show)

D.A. Pennebaker Looks Back on the Early Days

Interview with D.A. Pennebaker conducted by journalist Jill Drew at DOC NYC in 2014. Pennebaker, best known for his film on Bob Dylan “Don’t Look Back,” talks about figuring how to make movies. “The yellow pads disappeared,” he said.

Francis Ford Coppola on Solitude

“Death is on the back of everyone’s minds whether they want to admit it or not” – Francis Ford Coppola on July 28, 1996. Interview by R.H. Greene when Coppola was promoting his film, “JACK,” starring Robin Williams. (Source: PBS…

‘THE LOVERS & THE DESPOT’: North Korean Dictator Loved Movies So Much He Kidnapped His Star and Director

By Barry Rubinow It’s become a cliché to say that wild and crazy news stories, although true, would be rejected by the movie studios as too preposterous, if they were pitched as a script. In the remarkable new documentary THE…
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