Frederick Wiseman Interviewed About ‘AT BERKELEY’

Frederick Wiseman, legendary documentary filmmaker, gives an in-depth interview on the topic of his latest film, At Berkeley. This is an excerpt, watch the full interview for a fee, here.

The ‘Diaries’ of Groundbreaking Filmmaker Ed Pincus

A documentary on the life of Ed Pincus and his immediate family from 1971 to 1976. A groundbreaking personal cinéma vérité color film. This clips deals with abortion.

DETROITER SWITCHES GEARS: From Stockbroker to Documentary Filmmaker and Journalist

By Gregory Crofton Making 300 cold calls a day as a stockbroker drove Frank Nemecek out of the world of finance and into filmmaking and journalism. Today when he picks up the phone he’s not to try to sell something,…
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