Roy Cohn is Dead, But He Still Put Trump in Office

By Gregory Crofton “Where is My Roy Cohn?” is a new documentary by Matt Tyrnauer (Studio 54, Valentino: The Last Emperor) that aims to map out how America arrived at a place where its democracy is being shredded by President…

‘Where’s My Roy Cohn?’ New Feature Documentary by Matt Tyrnauer

The nonfiction magazine RealScreen just announced a partnership with WestDoc, an online platform that posts interviews with documentary filmmakers.

‘STUDIO 54’ Tells Whole Sordid Story of this Legendary NYC Dance Club

By Gregory Crofton At the heart of this entertaining documentary is the rise of celebrity and sexual freedom, call it disco freedom, a safe place where gays, straights and transexuals could party side-by-side every night. Studio 54, which opened in…
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