Bob Dylan at 20 Talks about Freak Shows

“I‘m never going to become rich and famous” — Bob Dylan in 1962. Dylan was just 20 years old when he appeared on the Folksingers Choice radio program on WBAI FM in New York City. He’d arrived in Manhattan just…

Architect Frank Lloyd Wright on Arrogance

“Any man who really has faith in himself will be dubbed arrogant by his fellows” – Frank Lloyd Wright in 1957, as told to Mike Wallace.

Johnny Cash on Sharing Gospel Music with Elvis

“I’ve been in hospitals. I just hope and pray I can die with my boots on. … I’m not brave at all not after what I’ve been through I just know how to handle it.” – Johnny Cash interviewed by…

Barry White on Making Love

“One of the great highlights of my career then (1970s) was when Ted Kennedy when he printed in print that the only music he listens to on his yacht, in his home is Barry White music.” — Barry White interviewed…

Farrah Fawcett Will Not Be Robbed by Cabby With Screwdriver

“I’ve got on these stiletto heels aimed for his face.” – Farrah Fawcett Interview by Lawrence Grobel 1994, Hollywood
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