‘WOODSTOCK 99’ Offers Up Shocking Archival Footage Along With a Heavy Dose of Morality

By Jonathon Norcross Woodstock 99: Peace, Love, and Rage is the first installment in HBO’s freshly launched Music Box docuseries. Executive produced by Bill Simmons, the creator of ESPN’s wildly successful 30 for 30 series, Music Box aims to do…

‘The Ultimate Race’: These Ultra Marathoners See This Race a Different Way

By Gregory Crofton Almost overnight the book “Born to Run” unveiled to the world a community of natural long-distance runners from the canyons of Tarahumara, Mexico. The Rarámuri could tolerate hours of running on rough trails wearing sandals made out…

‘O.J.: Made in America’ Director Almost Passed on Docuseries

“When I realized I could do a deep dive into LA, race, police — it’s about America,” Ezra Edelman tells The Wrap of upcoming O.J. Simpson miniseries on ESPN. (Source: The Wrap)

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