Gore Vidal and Roy Cohn Interviewed by Host Bill Boggs

Bill Boggs interviews the notorious lawyer Roy Cohn and acerbic author Gore Vidal. Footage Owned by Bill Boggs www.BillBoggs.com

Bring Your Own Doc: Meet the Filmmakers Behind the ‘WEINER’ Documentary

“WEINER,” a documentary about former New York Congressman Anthony Weiner, is explored with directors Elyse Steinberg & Josh Kriegman. The directors explain how they attempted to portray Weiner as more than just a tabloid punchline by painting a more nuanced,…

‘The World According to Dick Cheney’: A Zealot Who Made History

By Gregory Crofton Showtime’s “THE WORLD ACCORDING TO DICK CHENEY” is a true documentary in that it reports and illuminates a crucial part of American history. What it doesn’t do is explore Cheney’s character. The vice president comes off shimmering…

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