The Sonny Liston story is a gruesome one, and full of American history

By Gregory Crofton In the days of Charles “Sonny” Liston, who won the heavyweight championship in 1962, fights were regularly fixed. The mafia in the United States was powerful then, and Mr. Liston was known to be “mobbed up.” But…

Neil Diamond Sings ‘Last Picasso’ in Las Vegas

Neil Diamond has got the moves in this clip. “Last Picasso” was the third single from his album “Serenade,” released in 1974.

Sex Star Marilyn Chambers Signs Autographs in Vegas

Marilyn Chambers signs nude photos of herself in Las Vegas at the Consumer Electronics Show in 1982. Chambers is heard talking about a few of her upcoming roles with an excited fan. You can watch the full video at the…
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