Magician David Blaine: How I Held My Breathe for 17 Minutes

In this highly personal talk from TED Talks, magician and stuntman David Blaine describes what it took to hold his breath underwater for 17 minutes (a world record) and what his often death-defying work means to him.

‘THE SOURCE FAMILY’: About a Cult Leader Who Liked to Rock and Eat Health Food

Before Father Yod became a health food cult leader, he served as a U.S. Marine, practiced Jujitsu, and went by the name James Baker. His personal transformation took place in Hollywood, California, where he had moved in hopes of becoming…


From 1992, this documents what can only be described as State sponsored terrorism. This scenario has been continually repeated as we seem to be involved in every thing, everywhere, with over 900 military bases in 140 different countries or so.…

‘LIVE FOREVER’: The Rise and Fall of Brit Pop

The story of Brit Pop and popular culture in the 1990s. Featuring Oasis, Pulp and Blur and other iconic British bands.

Wilt Chamberlain on Tall Tales

An animated documentary series produced by PBS Digital Studios. “I think a lot of ladies found me so attractive because I was different.” – Wilt Chamberlain
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