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Sly Stone Talks to Annoying Paparazzi Guy (9 minutes, 2015)

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Sly Stone talks to an annoying paparazzi interviewer about hanging out with George Clinton and anticipating a legal settlement related to his music royalties. (Source: Polite Paparazzi)

Interview with Tom Waits (9 minutes, 1979)

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“I guess I basically fancy myself as a storyteller, kind of a bit of a night watchman or private investigator. I sleep with one eye open and I write about things I see around me.” – Tom Waits

Radio Interview with Brian Epstein, Manager of The Beatles (1967)

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“You’ve got to get down to the basics. The music that lives are really the great tunes. You can have the sounds as well, and I think we are developing the sounds today and the techniques, but you’ve got to have the tunes too. – Brian Epstein, manager of The Beatles