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Darlene Chronicles (57 minutes, 2009)

Posted on February 24th, by admin in Biography, Environment, Family. No Comments

This award-winning documentary chronicles the life of a destitute Appalachian family. Darlene, the housewife, conducts her daily routine: carrying water, fueling a coal stove, disciplining her children, and making ends meet. A personal record of poverty. (Source: WPSU)

Maya Angelou: And Still I Rise (113 minutes, 2016)

Posted on February 23rd, by admin in Biography, Writers. No Comments

This unprecedented film weaves her words with rare and intimate archival photographs and videos, which paint hidden moments of her exuberant life during some of America’s most defining moments. From her upbringing in the Depression-era South to her work with Malcolm X in Ghana to her inaugural poem for President Bill Clinton, the film takes us on an incredible journey through the life of a true American icon. (Source: American Masters)

‘Luck, Trust & Ketchup: Robert Altman in Carver Country’ (90 minutes,1993)

Posted on February 22nd, by admin in Film, Photography and Video, Writers. No Comments

This documentary takes a look behind the scenes on Robert Altman’s “Short Cuts” – a film which examines the highs and lows of ordinary people’s lives. Featuring interviews with the cast, director and widow of the author, we gain a greater insight into the themes of the film. (Source: Eyes on Cinema)

‘4.1 Miles’— Oscar-Nominated Documentary Short about Refugees (21 minutes, 2016)

Posted on February 21st, by admin in Civil Rights, Military & War, Politics. No Comments

By Daphne Matziaraki

When I returned home to Greece last fall to make a film about the refugee crisis, I discovered a situation I had never imagined possible. The turquoise sea that surrounds the beautiful Greek island of Lesbos, just 4.1 miles from the Turkish coast, is these days a deadly gantlet, choked with terrified adults and small children on flimsy, dangerous boats. I had never seen people escaping war before, and neither had the island’s residents. I couldn’t believe there was no support for these families to safely escape whatever conflict had caused them to flee. The scene was haunting.

Regardless of the hardship Greeks have endured from the financial crisis, for a long time my home country has by and large been a peaceful, safe and easy place to live. But now Greece is facing a new crisis, one that … Read More »

Firsthand Account: The Assassination of Malcolm X (2 minutes, 2017)

Posted on February 21st, by admin in Biography, Civil Rights, Crime. No Comments

The civil rights leader Malcolm X was killed Feb. 21, 1965, at a rally in New York City. Hear from a witness and visit the site of the assassination — in the past, present, and in 360 video. (Source: The New York Times)

Christopher Hitchens : In Confidence (47 minutes, 2011)

Posted on February 19th, by admin in Biography, History, Politics, Writers. No Comments

Laurie Taylor interviews writer and broadcaster Christopher Hitchens, who discusses how his political beliefs changed over the years, revealing why Ayatollah Khomeini’s 1989 fatwa on author Salman Rushdie represented a turning point in his life. He also talks about his atheist beliefs, his support for the war in Iraq and his rivalry with his brother Peter, as well as sharing his thoughts on being diagnosed with terminal cancer. (Source: VHSfx)

SWIMRISERS (2 minutes, 2017)

Posted on February 18th, by admin in Nature, Sports. No Comments

Each morning all year round in Greystones, Ireland, a group of brave townsfolk gather on the shore to go swimming in the cold Irish Sea. They warm up with coffee and the joy and the community that comes from their endeavor.

The Trials of Henry Kissinger (79 minutes, 2002)

Posted on February 18th, by admin in Biography, Crime, Military & War. No Comments

A documentary about the former U.S. Secretary of State Henry Kissinger that is based on a damning book about the man by author Christopher Hitchens.