Comedians Have Figured Out the Trick to Covering Trump (7 minutes, 2017)

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While major news networks have struggled to figure out the right way to cover the Trump administration, political satirists like Samantha Bee, John Oliver, Stephen Colbert, and Seth Meyers have demonstrated why comedy can be such a powerful antidote to bullshit.

The first few months of the Trump administration have been a goldmine for late-night comedians and political satirists. Shows like Full Frontal With Samantha Bee, Saturday Night Live, and Late Night With Seth Meyers have enjoyed ratings boosts thanks to their regular lampooning of the Trump White House.

But beyond the jokes and sight gags, political satirists have done … Read More »


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Advice King Christopher Crofton writes a column for the Nashville Scene. Sometimes those columns are made into videos. In this episode, the King tells one of his readers named Clem about the dangers and challenges of using cocaine.

Don Rickles on The Late Show with David Letterman (5 minutes, 2015)

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Don Rickles tells the world how much he likes Howard Stern, while insulting David Letterman, in this his final performance.

ADVICE KING — Priced Out of East Nashville (5 minutes, 2017)

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The Advice King explains gentrification to an “artist.” Read more of Chris Crofton’s advice at the Nashville Scene.

ADVICE KING – Dating an Entertainment Lawyer (4 minutes, 2017)

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Advice King tells Jerry from Santa Clarita to date a public defender, and that 60 percent of Americans are part-time baristas.

James Toback vs. Norman Mailer: The Incident (6 minutes, 2016)

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A short documentary shot in a New York City diner about a feud movie writer James Toback got into with legendary novelist Norman Mailer.

The Advice King: How to Meet Women at the Gym (4 minutes, 2017)

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Advice King doles it out. In this pilot episode find out how to meet women at the gym, the ins and outs of Crossfit, and learn about Survivor album art.

Directed by Eric Williams and David Shamban

Mitch Hedberg – Just for Laughs Standup Comedy (10 minutes)

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Mitchell Lee “Mitch” Hedberg (February 24, 1968 – March 30, 2005)[2] was an American stand-up comedian known for his surreal humor and unconventional comedic delivery. His comedy typically featured short, sometimes one-line jokes[3] mixed with absurd elements and non sequiturs.[4]

Hedberg’s comedy and onstage persona gained him a cult following,[5] with audience members sometimes shouting out the punchlines to his jokes before he could finish them.[6] (Source: Wikipedia)

Richard Pryor High on the Set of ‘Stir Crazy’ (13 minutes, 1980)

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In 1980, while filming “Stir Crazy” on location in Arizona, Richard Pryor agreed to sit for an interview with a Mormon high school public access cable television show. The interview took place at 7am, before shooting began for the day. After completing the entire one hour long interview, it was discovered that one of the high school student crew members messed up the audio portion of the recording, leaving the complete program in total silence.

After lots of begging, Pryor agreed to re-do the interview provided it took place after his lunch break, which came about 3pm. By … Read More »

LEGENDS — Marty Feldman: Six Degrees of Separation (58 minutes, 2008)

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Marty Feldman, was a king of British comedy in the 1960. He worked with John Cleese and David Frost, among many others. A thyroid problem as a young man caused his eyes to enlarge, which gave him a very memorable look. But this did not slow his career. This documentary looks at his entire life.